Pet Import Requirements in Switzerland

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Pet Import Requirements in Switzerland

Cats and dogs are subject to special regulations (ES) No. 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council. They may enter duty-free if proper documentation accompanies them. Accompanied pets don't require a border veterinary inspection, except if there are more than 3 pets being imported. Dogs must be licensed once in Switzerland, which costs a small fee.

An animal health permit is required when entering from a rabies risk country, via a Swiss airport.

All dogs and cats must be correctly identified with either a microchip.

Please note that it is prohibited to import dogs with docked ears and/or cropped tail, exempt are those with owners who live abroad and are coming for holidays or short stays or those relocating to Switzerland.

Special conditions for importing pets
• Pets may be imported from all countries. However animals coming from third countries are limited to 5.

• Please note pigeons deemed pets have also to be vaccinated against paramyxovirosis if imported to take part at competitions or exhibitions.  

• Imports of pets might be prohibited by temporary import bans aimed at preventing the introduction of animal disease.

• Animals deemed pets are not subject to border veterinary inspection, but all customs formalities have to be kept.

• For several exotic pets permission is needed. It is needed for all mammals, some fish and many birds. This does not apply for short stays but only if the pet is intended to live in Switzerland. First of all veterinarian makes sure that the required space and care for the animal is provided.

• The import requirements arising from the laws on conservation on species apply for protected or non-domesticated species even if those are deemed pets.