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International Pet & Livestock Special Care Relocation to Mali Republic

Pet shipping is a popular service, with a great deal of customers all over the world who are relocating and need shipping for dogs, cats, as well as birds and other animals daily. Frequently your career and life circumstances force you to shift your home and family to another location or even another country. And surely you won’t leave your dog or cat behind, as they are also the family.

But dealing with pet shipping can be an insuperable obstacle in your moving process. And the best way out is to hire a professional animal transportation specialist, who will keep the discomfort and stress to a minimum for both you and your pet.

Get the assist here in transporting animals internationally. Become aware of all the legal formalities, regulations, and procedures to transport animals like dogs, cats or even horses as well as different exotic species.

Pet Import Requirements in Mali Republic
To enter a sanitary certificate from the country of origin must be issued no more than 3 days prior to departure, indicating that the territory of origin has been free from any infectious disease for at least 6 weeks; and for dogs - that no case of rabies has occurred during the abovementioned period. A rabies vaccination certificate is required.

To exit a sanitary certificate from the Veterinary Department and a rabies vaccination certificate are required.

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