Tips on Shipping Your Pets Safely

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Tips on Shipping Your Pets Safely

Having a pet, you won't travel without him or her and will take your beloved animal with you. But it is not so easy to ship your pet as there are some things you should think over before your travel. The following are tips that will ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

1. Healthy Pet
Your pet must be healthy as only healthy pet will better withstand the stress of travel. For this you have to visit a veterinary and make sure your pet is ok. Ask him also for a domestic health certificate that states your pet is fine to travel. This is very important to do as if your pet is not healthy, certain travel conditions can affect it adversely.

2. Buying a Crate
You have to have the appropriately sized crate for pet transport. Choose that one that will be perfect for your pet. And a top quality crate with enough room for your animal to move around in the crate will be the best. If you choose a sufficiently sized crate, you will be ensured that your pet is not injured in the cargo compartment and that your pet is not turned away by the airline. Having small pet, you can place the carrier beneath your seat. This will relieve you of your worry.

3. Schedule Your Pet Transportation
Shipping your pet, be sure that your pet transport arrangements fit perfectly within your schedule. Moreover, be sure to cover the crate using stickers, paint or permanent marker, with notes that say your dog’s name, your name, flight number, and contact information.

4. Be Certain of Your Travel Plans Well in Advance of the Actual Travel Date
Not to worry your pet much before the transportation, try to arrive at the airport at least a half hour earlier than usual. Check in, but don't let them take your pet away until the last moment, usually thirty minutes before departure. Then take your pet outside for a walk to allow him or her to relieve themselves. You have to be sure the door of the kennel is extremely secure, but do not lock it. You should also write the following just above the door: "Do not open this door without the permission of owner or a licensed veterinarian!" Never leave your pet before a baggage handler actually comes to collect him for pet transport.

5. Choosing a Reputable Company to Handle Your Pet Shipping Needs
When transporting your pet you will also need to handle your pet shipping needs and for this you have to choose the reliable company. Such company will help you with transporting your pet providing a door to door service and handling boarding needs.

Plan your pet shipping well in advance that will make travel less stressful for both you and your beloved pet. To be sure everything is well, hire a well known pet transportation company to handle the travel arrangements for your pet. You will know that all the arrangements have been made by professionals who treat your pet with loving care and this will let you and your pet to enjoy your fly.