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Pet Shipping Services

Some time or other you may need to move your pet to another country. Then you will face with the issue of shipping live cargo through the airlines. This is the most comfortable way and many travel company ship your pets by air with care to just about anywhere from domestic and international pet relocation assistance is offered, and for a fair prices.

They are provided with needed information about your pet that allows them to relocate every pet paying attention to its individual needs. Your shipping company prepares all needed documentation and transports your pet to the needed destination.

You can ship your pet by choosing one way. The first way is cheap and it is shipping your pet as excess luggage. This is because you aren't required to pay for the shipping of the pet. This is risky as you can lose your pet.

Unfortunately, there is one more way that is safer. It means that you can use the services of a company that takes care of shipping your pet. The travel route is tracked from the point of origin to the destination using airline computer systems. You can choose the shipping company by yourself.

A professional pet shipping service will ensure that the pet reaches a care provider at the destination. There are cases when the owner can't accompany the animal, then ground transportation, when available, is frequently considered the preferable method. However, thousands of animals travel unaccompanied on passenger planes as air freight.

When shipping an animal, it is advisable to plan and arrange the trip as there are many things to pay attention to. But you won't be able to do this by yourself, that's why, you need to ask a professional for help. The shipper will make sure that you obtain the requisite permits, import/export licenses, health certificates and other documentation, following the specific requirements of the jurisdictions on both ends of the journey.

Air travel is generally as safe for animals as it is for human beings. Animals travel below the cabin in the cargo hold: an insulated, pressurized, climate-controlled environment. All transported pets must travel in a secure kennel, small enough to fit in the cargo deck but large enough to permit the animal to stand, lay down and turn around.