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Safe Birds Shipping
Shipping birds unaccompanied is not recommended. Nearly anyone that has had a bird as a pet for any period of time wouldn’t even think about shipping their bird unaccompanied. So why does it happen? Typically it happens because the online seller wants to make money and the buyer has never had a bird.

In spite of this strong recommendation not to ship pet birds and parrots, there may be some situations where you have no other choice. This will be a traumatic experience for the bird. Nevertheless, it is possible to reduce the trauma by following the tips below.

Preparing Your Bird
You have to prepare your bird for the worse case scenario which would be a 1 or 2 day delay. Even if you expect an overnight delivery, you should still prepare for a 1 or 2 day delay.

- Feed and water the bird before shipping. As a rule, birds don’t eat during the journey and may not eat after arriving for an extended period. It is very essential to have your bird nourished and hydrated during this travel.
- Your bird should be healthy. An ill bird likely won’t bear the stress of the shipment and die.
- Some people use tranquilizers on pets, but this is not recommended. The matter is that tranquilizers and altitude can cause problems for birds being shipped in the air. Besides, some carriers will not ship an animal that has been tranquilized.

Shipping Container Preparing
You have to prepare your shipping container for a rough ride (air turbulence can create a bumpy ride). Any food and water containers will be rolled over. Read some things to consider when preparing your shipping container.

- Lay absorbent bedding (towels or shredded paper) in bottom of container.
- Put high moisture content food that will hold its moisture for several days like apple slices, orange slices, cucumber slices, etc.
- Tape feeding instructions on the outside of the carrier in case someone unfamiliar with birds has to feed the bird.
- Attach a small sealed bag of food to the outside of the container in case of an extended delay.
- Create easy visible access into the container so shipping personnel can see and feed your bird without opening the container.
- Label the outside of the container with a "Live Animal" sticker and arrow stickers pointing up.