Birds Shipment Preparation

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Birds Shipment Preparation
When performing birds shipment preparation you have to plan carefully everything in the itinerary to make sure that the departure, travel and arrival flows smoothly.

- Control that someone will be in the place of destination to get the shipment. They should be at the correct place and correct time.

- Plan the transportation so the delivery service can deliver the shipment as soon as it arrives. For instance, a Sunday or holiday delivery usually isn’t possible. Evidently, you don’t want your shipment sitting in a warehouse over a holiday weekend.

- Take an interest in the weather conditions at the departure and arrival places. The matter is that shipping into the frozen tundra of Denver in the winter may add a few days of delay while digging out of a snow storm. The weather may even cause a diversion or cancellation. Usually shippers require that the temperature be between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit at the origin, destination and connecting cities.

- Carry out all required paperwork. As a rule, airlines have a list of documents that are needed before shipping a bird. These may include Confirmation of Feeding Certificate, Acclimation Certificate, Health Certificates, etc. 

Preparing for the Arrival
Most birds will be traumatized after the shipping. Following tips will help the bird get used to its new surroundings after arrival.

- Ensure you know exactly where to pick up the shipment. The matter is that most airlines have a particular pickup point that is different than their regular passenger pickup point.
- Have the bird’s cage fixed and ready for the bird upon arrival.
- Put food and water into the cage.
- Know that the bird may not eat for a couple days while getting used to its new surroundings.
- Be prepared to leave the bird alone for a while until it adjusts to its new surroundings. The amount of time required depends on the bird.

Shipping Costs
Shipping costs vary extensively depending on size, departure site, destination site, weight, size, etc. For getting up to dates rates it is best to check with your chosen carrier to when planning your shipment.