Arriving in the Destination Country

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Arriving in the Destination Country

Having arrived into the destination country, the first thing you will do is taking your pet from the carrier. But you have to follow some rules that are necessary to remember. Of course, you will open the carrier at first. And then you should examine your pet to make sure your pet is well. If anything seems wrong, take your pet to a veterinarian immediately. You should get the results of the examination in writing.

Some countries have established rules according to which your pet may be examined or held in quarantine. No doubt, these procedures are frustrating. However, with these regulations your pet and native animals will be protected. Comply with all country officials, and you will be reunited with your pet as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the following to make a landing smoother for you and your pet:

1) Find a suite hotel, or a furnished apartment. Some hotels will not accept animals, that's why, when booking your accommodation don't forget to check the hotels pet policies and restrictions.

2) When renting a house/apartment in your destination country, you have to make sure that you are allowed to have a pet in the house. But it is advisable to do this before you sign a house/apartment lease contract. Don't forget to look for a vet in your new neighborhood.

3) Your pet will need to adjust to the change and to the new surroundings. And you can help your pet to do this. Just surround him/her with familiar objects and people, and try to keep the same walking and feeding schedule.