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pet_shippingIt goes without saying that overseas pet and livestock shipping is a complicated process and most importantly, pet travel safety and planning must not be overlooked. For that purpose we offer you a great number of useful shipping tips with the help of which you can turn the problematical tasks of shipping into quick and trouble-free process.

When you ship your pet internationally, extra documents and immunization are needed, including the following: international health certificate, acclimation certificate confirmation of feeding, and tranquilizers usage issued by a licensed veterinarian. With knowing of pet shipping preparation tips for horse, dogs, cats, exotic animals and birds; information on limitation and restrictions for pet shipping; shipping kennel requirements; and information on general shipping services, you will be able to clear up the process of shipping your four-legged friend.

There are many options for shipping, and our pet and liestock special care shipping guide was designed to help you to make the right decision, when shipping your pet globally.

Animal Shipping Health Requirements
Think over the information on health requirements for animal shipping. Get to know what documents shipper must provide before shipping the pet.
Arriving in the Destination Country
Consider the following information and get to know what things you should do when having arrived in the destination country. Read how to make a landing for your pet smoother.
Birds Shipment Preparation
Read our tips for birds shipment preparation. Follow them and you will arrange your bird shipping departure and arrival in a proper manner.
Exotic Pets Shipping Tips
Learn the following information and find the tips on the exotic pets shipping. Get to know how to transport these animals.
Pet Shipping Restrictions
Check out the information on limitation and restrictions for pet shipping. Look through animals species accepted for animal transportation, minimum age requirements and number of animals per container, weight and size limits.
Pet Shipping Services
Look through the information below and find out more about the pet shipping services. Read how to choose the shipping company for transporting your pet.
Preparing Your Horse for Shipping
Check out the following information and get to know how to prepare your horse before shipping. Find useful tips that will help you make horse’s transport as stress free as possible.
Safe Birds Shipping
Offered information hopefully will help you determine what you must know before shipping a bird and will help you do your best to help your bird get through this traumatic experience.
Shipping Kennel Requirements
Read the information about requirements for shipping kennels. Look through the list of shipping kennels types and sizes.
Tips on Shipping Your Pets Safely
When deciding to travel or move, you need to transport your pet and do this safely. Here you'll find tips that will help you to arrange a trip and ship your pet securely.