Pet Shipping Rates to Egypt

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Pet Shipping Rates to Egypt

When considering pet shipping price, you should bear in mind that it is closely associated with type of transportation and the pet itself (depending on size and species of your pet).

As you shop around, try to think over each of transportation options - carry-on, checked baggage or cargo. Carry-on option is the most expensive one, as your feathered or furred family member will be on board with you, under your intent look (Feel free to contact us for current rates). As for checked baggage and cargo, they are much cheaper, since your pet is transported in a separate section of airplane in the animal kennel, where the crew would take care of it.

Check out the estimated costs for checked baggage option on shipping your pet from United States to the airports in Egypt:

 Pet Weight Price (EUR)
 Less than 70 Pounds and Less than 62 Linear Inches 150.00
 Less than 70 Pounds and 62-80 Linear Inches 300.00
 Less than 70 Pounds and Over 80 Linear Inches 450.00

Note: Please contact us, if the weight of your pet is more than 70 pounds, to receive a precise shipping rate.

Cargo cost depends on size and weight of the pet, the dimensions of the pet crate, the route, and any special services. They average $245 for a small dog or cat up to $1900 or more for a very large animal.

Get the estimated costs for cargo option on shipping your pet from United States to Egypt:

  <100kg 100kg
 Zone 1 - Cairo $3.60 $3.25
 Zone 2 - Cairo $3.85 $3.50
 Zone 3 - Cairo  $3.50  $3.15
 Zone 4 - Cairo  $3.60 $3.25 

Zone 1 – East US; Zone 2 – West US; Zone 3 – North US; Zone 4 – South US.

To get the full cost of transportation you should sum up the following:

- Professional fee covers all arrangements, airline cargo booking, telephone calls, faxes and coordination of pet move with all parties involved, usually varies from $550 to $700 for international moves (depending on the country & difficulty).
- Crate (kennel) costs vary from $65 - 250 depending on the size of the pet. Very large dogs require custom made crates which will, as a rule, run from $750-850, depending on the size needed.
- Pick up or delivery service will cost you $75 per hour (fees differ from state to state).
- Other additional fees include importation fees for international moves, USDA fees, health certificates, vaccines, permits, boarding or other services that may be requested.

Please note that these charges are subject to change. Request an online quote to get the current rates.