Pet Import Requirements in Canada

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Pet Import Requirements in Canada

Birds must be healthy when inspected at port of entry. Before import birds in Canada owner must sign a declaration stating that:
- birds have been in his/her possession for the 90 days period preceding date of importation; and
- birds have not been in contact with any other birds during that time; and
- birds are the owner's personal pets;
- and are not being imported for the purpose of re-sale.

The owner or any family member must not have imported birds into Canada under this pet bird provision during the preceding 90 days period.

Unaccompanied birds: Psittacine birds (parrots, parakeets etc.) must be accompanied by an Import Permit issued by the CFIA.

Pets may enter Canada accompanied by valid rabies vaccination certificate issued in either English or French, by a licensed veterinarian. It should identify the animal and show that they are currently vaccinated against rabies. Moreover, the certificate should show the type of rabies vaccine used, date administered and expiry date. Rabies Certificate must be valid for 12 months and dated at least 30 days prior to entry.

Dogs and cats under 3 months old are exempt from rabies requirements. For puppies under 8 months old travelling unaccompanied to Canada, in addition to above, they are required to be accompanied by a detailed health certificate.

An inspection fee must be paid for dogs and cats: CAD 30,00 + tax for the first animal in the shipment, and CAD 5,00 tax for each  additional animal in the shipment.